Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cleft Kid Update

Although it seems so long ago that we started this blog and our lives are dramatically different then they were then, it is not at all lost on me WHY we started this blog. I still remember the moment wesawfirst Jax's face and the moment when the Doctor looked at me with slight dread, that I didn't understand at the time and said, "Well, we need to talk."
This blog started the journal the miracle of Jax, the graciousness of God and his almighty hand at work in our lives. And though for the next few years, we're in a great place when it comes to cleft related issues, it does not discount the value of going to his checkups and leaving so hopeful and encouraged.

I will admit to you that this checkup took place back in early August, that's how behind I am. But I didn't want to  let it slide off into the abyss of my forgetfullness, so I'm belated but I'm blogging.

Arkansas Children's Hospital, I still sing thy praises. They come do clinics in Lowell and so every six months they come and we get to do the full work up with them, except I don't have to drive to Little Rock to do it. And although I am heartbroken (literally, I might cry) over his surgeon, Dr. Buckmiller moving to TX, we were pleased to meet his new surgeon.
It was wonderful to meet his doctor and surgeon though we will not have surgery again until somewhere between 6 and 10 years. This is the next biggest surgery on Jax's horizon where they will take bone from his hip and do a bone graph to complete his gum line.
Next we met with his audiologist where he actually wore the headphones, which is a first for him during these checkup. It helps to practice at home while watching Lighting McQueen. He cooperated fully and passed his hearing test with flying colors.
Next we met with the speech path where he played games and showed off his newest sound accomplishments of "th", which he loves to say "thunder" and "Thor" for. He has no speech delay or speech issues related to his palate or even the small space in his gum line. Which, if you go back to the beginning of this blog you can read all about how that was a huge prayer and concern for me.

Finally we spent good quality but brief time with "Nurse Emily". Jax lately loves to look through his baby photo album and we always stop and talk about the surgery pages, which prompts his memory of the valentine bear that nurse Emily gave his at his palate surgery. We still have the bear and I'm so thankful that we still have Nurse Emily. I don't know if the Lord will allow her to be his nurse for his entire journey, but I do selfishly pray that He will.

The great thing about journeys are that there are hills and mountains that must be climbed, there's sometimes no way around them. They make you strong, even though you might cry as you trudge up it. And there are always sections of the journey that are peaceful and restful. God stretches us and press us and pushes us but he always gives us a time of rest in between. So, more than ACH, I will sing God's praises because he has given us a time of rest. And I don't know if we will ever feel like another year is quite as hard as the first year was, 1) we are stronger 2) hopefully we wont' have two in one year. But there will be years that we have new cleft difficulties to conquer. But for now, we praise him for the time of peace to go about the other things He has asked us to do.

So, that's where we are for now.

 belated blogger

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