Monday, September 17, 2012

Couldn't if I tried.

   I am, admittedly not a great planner. But even if I was, I couldn't have planned how all this fell in to place. Or rather, the better way to say that is that God orchestrated all of it. Here's how it started, for about a year now my Aunt Robin and I have been trying to align the stars and our calendars to get us over to visit them in TN. Fast Forward, I thought for Kyle's 30th birthday that I wanted to give him the gift of music and decided to get him tickets to a concert. And while doing research I found out that one of our favorite bands ; the FRAY, was going to be in Nashville. Bueno. Booked it, called my aunt and put both things together in one trip. 

   So months ago, this past weekend was planned. Just a random seeming weekend for us to get away without the kids, go visit Robin, go see the Fray. Perfect. Fast forward again, with the unpredictability of Kyle's schedule and just a series of issues, we've been praying about a job change but had honestly not done a lot besides that. There was no huge mass push to get his resume back out there, there was no networking…nothing. We just prayed.  Then "seemingly out of the blue"  got approached about a job with the Boys and Girls Club. Went through the interview process , waited to hear, prayed about God's will and timing and felt complete peace abut whatever God wanted to do with this situation. Fast forward, gave his official notice at the restaurant and found that his last day would be Thursday Sept 13th. The day before we were going to leave for Nashville. And so then planned with his new bosses for him to start Monday the 17th. 
   So, in fluid movement, he had his last day of a job he was grateful to the Lord for, got to go celebrate (not only his 30th birthday, but now, a new career) and recharge for the weekend in Nashville. And then start a whole new job on Monday. How cool is God? 
I seriously couldn't have planned it if I had tried. But I'm glad I didn't because now HE gets the glory for it.

We had an amazing time with my aunt Robin and her kids. 
Here's some highlights via collage ( you know I love the collage)
 You should be careful when walking down alleys in big cities. You never know when you may see a Elvis-zombie creeping on you...
 One of Kyle's favorite shows is "American Pickers" and so we could not pass up this chance to see their new Nashville location. Kyle was walking around going, "I remember that episode, when they found that."

Ready for the show.
 The Fray was a awesome show.

Saturday was jam packed with fun, we did some touristy hot spots, had lunch at a Franklin "one of a kind" place and window shopped there on the square. We had an Italian dinner (complete with tirimisu) and then topped it off with the FRAY.

It was a quick trip. Most of it was spent in the car. But you know what? No one was talking too much, no one was yelling, no one was snotting, no one was kicking the back of my chair, no one was bothering anyone else, no one stuck on repeat, no one called me mommy, no one threw there toys or a tantrum, no one was touching me and no one needed anything from me…and it was a glorious three days.

Jax had a huge time staying with my parents and the other two who had school and therapy stayed at our house where our amazing friends Sarah and Tyler Harrison (shout out!!) house and kid sat for us. Both were a huge blessing and we couldn't have gone without them. Major thank you to them!

and now…back to a new normal.


robin said...

We had so much fun. Please do come back again when you can stay longer!
Aunt Robin

Nashville Katie Wetsell said...

We love Nashville! If you come for longer I'd love to show you some of our favorite things.