Thursday, August 23, 2012

Summer Sum-up

Well, school has started and I haven't really done a fabulous job of putting tid bits of our life on here. I keep telling myself its because we're too busy having fun. But if I'm honest I know it's because when all the kids go to bed, and once the dishes are done and the laundry is folded, I'm extremely selfish with my "free" time.
So there.

But here it is. The end of summer-sum-up.
The school year. What?! It's here already. Good grief, Charlie Brown. We've have these kiddos almost five months now and it has both flown by and inched by at times.
I have an 6th grader, which is crazy. He had a great summer and is glad to be back in school, though he is at a new school this year, he is really enjoying it so far.

New experiences with mr. mannerly:
* pre-puberty talks (this was KP's department)…awkward.
*open house. this was hilarious to me. typical tween boy: pick up his packet, meet his teacher, do his locker combo once and he tells me he's done, ready to go. I mention the bathroom, the cafeteria, the playground…he said he'd be there monday so he'd find it then. …Alright. it took a whopping 23 minutes. (I was more nervous than he was.)
*my first day to send a kid off to school was to the 6th grade. I think we skipped a step somewhere…oh wait kindergarten.
*first day at the bus stop…6:33. Ugh.
*ACTUALLY being a soccer mom with a mini van…oh heaven help us.

New experiences with Vader:
*she's getting her tonsils out. This will be a new experience to hear her actually be able to chew with her mouth closed and not snore like a man.
*being able to understand what she's saying. therapy is going well for this girl. she doesn't stop talking now…we did this to ourselves…she's stuck on repeat.
*being aware of the looks I was getting in target the other day, looking as all the african american dolls.
* being jealous of a toddlers quads. Seriously, look for this girl in the olympics someday.

New experiences with Jax:
*buying 5slim pants for a 3 year old…he's huge.
*Getting golf clubs in the mail from Grumps and LuLu that are just his size. He had a "daddy day" this week and they went golfing. So stinking cute.
*Thanks to a tip from my sister, we scored a bunch of preschool workbooks at Target and started working on them this week. So far the only thing we've working on is holding our marker the right way and tracing lines.
*his thoughtfulness astounds me. "Dad, how was work.", "Mom, how was your run?", "mr. mannerly, how was school." It's so sweet and apparently just his nature.
*meeting his new ACH surgeon this past month at a cleft check-up. It was hard to say goodbye to Dr. Buckmiller, she was so special to us for the lip and palate that she crafted for Jax. But his new surgeon was great and we feel like we are still in good hands.

Don't get me wrong, there's plenty of days where I don't think that 11 yr old boys have brains, much less are capable of using them. There are days where if someone says "Mommy" one more time I might implode. There are days where I can't remember why we signed up for this. (God is quick to remind me…) And there are days that I have had more than my fill of answering ridiculous questions, wiping noses, explaining WHY to everything and sending Vader to time out.
I can't tell you how many time people say to me, "You've got your hands full!" And to that I laugh and smile, trying not to slice them with my rhetoric in return. But I think to myself, yes, my hand are full. These kids are crazy. They are loud. They are hilarious. They are active. They are funny. My hands are full with the job of trying to fill up their little hearts for a short while.

and someday soon my hands will empty. ( for while)
 and then, maybe  I'll sit down and have diet coke and write more on this blog.


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