Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Overheard at the Meredith's

Over heard at the meredith's: 
(frequently heard phrases)

Lil Bill (Vader):
"Mom, you push my buttons" (we now have these amazing automatic van doors..)

"Mom, I huuuungry." (she's always hungry. )

"Jax, that funty."

"Momma where's daddy, what's he doing? Momma where Jax, what's he doing? Momma where's mr. mannerly, what's he doing. Momma, what you doing. Momma what you doing. What you doing momma? Momma what you eating? What you doing mamma? Where's dadddy?"


"Can we wake Vader up?" (NO!!!)

"Mom, I need you."

"May I be excused?" (I love this one!)

"I had coffee with pappy." (this happened eons ago, still talking about it. and no, it wasn't real coffee, it was milk in a mug. that equals coffee when you're three)

"I talked to Beckett on the compooter"

mr. mannerly:

"The sky looks crooked."

"Why is the sky blue?"

"Will you please forgive me?" (this is a new one, and I love it.)

"What is the difference between a turkey vulcher and a plain vulcher." (I don't know. Ask Mr. Kyle)

"Why is it called sour cream?" (I don't know. Ask Mr. Kyle)


"Vader, hands to your self. Vader find something to do. Vader, quit touching everyone, keep your hands to your self. Vader, you can play by yourself, find something to do."

"Jax, Vader doesn't know how to do that. You have set a good example, show her how to share."

"mr. mannerly, I know that it's hard to not know how long you'll be here. But we're grateful for each and every day that we get to have with you. And don't take them for granted." (yesterday talking about court and the future)

"Man, I never thought I'd say this but I love this van."

"I never thought I'd every have seat warmers."

"Vader, close your mouth and breathe through your nose."


"awkward family photo" 
(when i thought back to all the albums that have awkward kid photos of me, mel and nathan…I used to think it was just us. we were awkward. then I realized that its just kids. wish I could show you their cute awkward faces.)

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Megan Whitehead said...

Megan, this is the first time I have visited your blog in some time. I used to stop by regularly, but have been crazy busy lately. Needless to say, I was so blessed by your story and so proud for you and Kyle. We will be praying for you guys on your foster journey. My mom was actually a foster kid (as well as her four siblings) so it really touches me. Thank you for sharing and would love to catch up sometime.

Megan W.