Monday, May 14, 2012

My first spare moment.


I might need another cup of coffee just in order to sit here and start from the beginning. But because any mom know…never sabotage sleep if you can help it, i won't. I'll just do my best.  And even though i don't know how much you're wondering or what you're wondering, I need to document our first placement from the beginning just for our family's sake.

The call came around 6:00 last thursday night. I was doing the dishes, Jax was sitting at the bar. My heart was racing, my mind was spinning, KP was at work. I hadn't been this nervous since the day Jax was born.
They told me to come in a hour. I thought at first we were bringing home 2 girls, one older one younger. The plan changed once we got there. the Holy Spirit told me just to go with the flow.

That night I brought home a boy, whom we'll call for now Mr. Mannerly because since moment one, he's been "yes, ma'am, no ma'am, my pleasure" and a little girl whom we'll call Lil Bill because she makes these funny faces like bill cosby.  Everyone seemed to be doing ok, and we shifted bedrooms and Kyle got home from work right on time to meet the kids and help get everyone in bed at a reasonable time.

It was surreal. We took a deep breath and sat down.  Just like having a baby, there's those moments when you realize "our lives just changed" KP said, "well just take it 24 hrs at a time"

So the next 24 hrs held:
*KP got Mr. mannerly to school
*Lil Bill might have slept all day if I would have let her (I'm soooo not used to that)
*I worked hard and fast to get all the layers of Kori's wedding cake done while playing with Jax and Lil Bill
*I got all three kids to walmart, bought dinner and some clothes ( no one got lost or threw a tantrum)
* Got all three kids fed, bathed and in bed by 8
*Packed for all 5 of us

The next 24 hrs:
* traveled 4 hrs to Hot Springs (all three in the backseat)
*small kids went down for naps while I went to the church kitchen to work on the cake
*everyone else made it to rehearsal on time, I made it for dinner where Mr. Mannerly made some new friends and had a great time. Lil Bill ran around with Jax and the other little cousins
* Got everyone bathed and in bed by 8
* Jax started to have trouble sleeping. I started getting exhausted.

The next 24hrs:
* Took the kids swimming at Kurt and Georgia's hotel. (delivering on a promise made to Mr. mannerly because our weekend wedding plans made him miss field day at school)
* Got the kids reluctantly down for naps and delivered the wedding cake to the the hotel
* Got everyone dress and ready for the wedding, wrangled kids during pictures, watched Jax walk the bible down the isle, wrangled kids during the wedding and reception. Ate some cake, danced with the kids, took them home and put them to bed while KP stayed and enjoyed the reception with his family

The next 24 hrs: Mother's Day:
* Everyone is tired from the weekend already with a long travel home
* Lil Bill and Jax refused to nap
*The Air Conditioning went out 1 hour into a 4 hour trip
*I can't tell you how many time I said, "Hands to yourself!"
*Dinner and something new from Lil Bill: screaming at bedtime. oh good.
*sat down after everyone was in bed thinking: epic fail

But this 24 hrs:
* Mr. Mannerly got to school on time and had a good day he said
* Played referee for the little ones
* Picked up Mr. Mannerly from school, got their errands run and back home in time for dinner
*Fed the kids, bathed them and going by the clock in the kitchen I got everyone in bed on time ( KP's is at work), then went up stairs to iron clothes, and realized we were a whole hour early.

I didn't feel bad about it….

Tomorrow is our first court date. We have no idea what tomorrow holds. But as you can see, one day at a time. Some are epic fails. Some are pleasant. Some are just a new kind of crazy. And the Holy Spirit keeps telling me to go with the flow.

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