Monday, May 21, 2012

Summer Schedule

Mr. Mannerly is home all this week since school is out. So….yes. I have all three kids at home all. day. long.

(grabbing another cup of coffee)

I've been talking to several friends about bordem busters (I can hear myself as a child telling my mom the first week of summer…"I'm booooored" and I grimace) and summer schedules.

I ran across this one on a blog today, it looks doable, so I thought I'd share. The only thing I can't keep up everyday is the swimming….due to a lack of swimming pool (unless you count the inflatable one on the deck….

7:00- Wake up, Family Scripture study, Get dressed, Make bed/Clean room
7:45- Morning jobs *before breakfast* 1 per kid (Unload dishwasher, H2O garden, Take out trash, H2O front plants)  Breakfast.
8:15  Clean up breakfast
8:30 Morning Exercise- walk, ride bike, roller-blade, run, ball game etc.
9:00 Clean Zones (see chore chart)Pick up house.
10:00 Practice Instruments or Personal reading
11:00 Outside Play or Swim
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Babies take nap
1:00 Brain Fun: Board games, friends, building toys, play outside, crafts or art activity.
2:30 Wii Free time
4:30 Pick up house
5:00 Dinner time jobs- set table, unload dishwasher AGAIN, dinner prep
5:30 Dinner and Clean-up
7:00 Babies to bed- Movie for kids who were kind, courteous, and civil to their brothers and sisters...violators go to bed.

It came from this blog:

We'll see how it goes!!

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