Friday, April 20, 2012

God's timing is quite possibly the strangest, most complex, funniest, most ironic, hardest to explain... thing. But to be honest, lately…I have such peace when i think and talk about God's time. Here's what i mean:

At the end of last week, DHS told us that we were ready for our final walk through, and would be open by the end of this week. 

Wow. alright, kick it in to high gear, we thought.

This week completely goes by. And come to find out, some of our paperwork was misfiled and our fingerprints are still not back yet. (which is crazy because when you do them digitally, they are supposed to come back within 72 hrs…and we did them back in March.) So, no we did not have our final walk through and we did not received any new kiddos this week. But haven't been anxious about it. 

And we are going floating with our church tomorrow and Jax is spending the night with Nanna and Pappy. So we're treating this weekend almost like a "baby vacation" and just being prepared for God's timing. Whether its this coming week, or the next or not till May. We're trying to enjoy and savor moments alone and moments of "just us three" before it becomes "all of us". And we do look forward to "all of us" but God knows the perfect time  and like that saying goes, "He's always on time." 

I pray for all my kiddos out there. I pray that God will protect them and watch over them. That even though they may have to endure hard things on their way to us, that they are the path to saving grace and love. I pray that we can help them get there. And I can't wait to hold them and love them. And its all in God's time. 

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Kerry said...

i cannot wait to see all the sweet, precious children that God brings to your family in His timing! Thanks for reminding me that His timing is what reigns!