Friday, April 13, 2012

Just some cute things happening around the house.

 Look how cute this three year old is!!
 Found crates at a flea market. Made them into shelves in my new office downstairs.
 Recently painted the panel in the living room. Totally transformed the room. A few bright touches helped too. Love this room now. Here's a few views. 
 And no, there's no central light in this room. So we are still living in the 70's with out hanging lamp, thank you and we're diggin in!
These old shelves were "country hearts" and down right gag me. I transformed them into sleek black shelves with poster board, fabric and hot glue. Anything is possible with hot glue, friends.


Lydia Lonon Miller said...

Youve done an awesome job with your living room... and the colors just pop!!!! Great work at all the beautiful transformations!

Meg said...

thanks Lyd!