Tuesday, April 10, 2012


We didn't do anything spectacular. We don't even really have any traditions to speak of. We don't do the easter bunny or baskets. And the nagging insecure mom in my head thought, "Am I being ridiculous? Am I doing a disservice to my kids by not going all out for easter?"

I quickly snapped back from that. We spent saturday evening telling Jax the story of the last supper, Christ death and resurection. And at the end, when I asked him why we celebrate easter and he piped up, "Because He's alive!"…I knew none of it mattered. Not the candy, not the baskets, not new clothes, not anything but Jesus.

On actual Easter Sunday, Kyle and I had the pleasure of helping lead worship at NCC. We went out to lunch together, just us three. We went out and flew Jax's kite that he got for his birthday( mostly he ran around with it) . And that was our laid back Easter. 

And I throughly enjoyed every minute of it. Because He's alive!

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