Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jax and I ate lunch on our back deck today. This tree is half of the view from our deck and it's gorgeous!

 We laid on the blanket after lunch was done and Jax asked "What's that?" and I told him they were clouds. At which point he declared "No! not clowns, those flamingos up there mama."

Ok then.

He also told me that woody and buzz "lightgear" were stuck in the tree and needed help coming down.
His imagination is so fun these days.

( We had a long road trip, just he and I this weekend to Russ Vegas and the spa city filled with High School Reunions, photo shoots, cousin fun and much more….but I've got a to do list during nap time so it will have to wait for next time)

Love from Bella Vista.

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charislykins said...

Goodness, he is so beautiful, Meg.