Monday, November 14, 2011

Kristin's first visit to Bella Vista! 
We get to see Kristin twice a year. Last year she stayed with us for a whole month (which was the best!) but this year since we are in NWA, she came to visit for a week. We love anytime that we get with her. And we always have to make a "bucket list" for the time that we are together. 
I failed miserably at documenting everything on the list but we got most of it. 

Bucket list Bell Vista Style:
*Visit the original Walton 5 and 10
*Eat lunch at Tavola
* Go see "Footloose"
*Go to goodwill to find good deals

 Lunch at Tavola

 Quick jaunt at the park before naptime
 Jax kept saying "I'm a pirate, arrrr"

 Whenever K visits there's always mehndi involved.

 Mehndi was accompanied by Bill Cosby, Brian Reagan and lots of laughter.

 Our shopping day started out with Krispy Kreme.

Comments about the list:
* Tavola is uber yummy. It's the very best way to fall off the carb wagon.
* It was so fun to go out with Kris to the movies. I felt like a kid again. I haven't been out with girls friends in forever.
*I'm a sucker for dance movies. And I loved the original footloose. And I love the re-make. And yes, you may buy it for me for Christmas.
*Goodwill is amazing. Especially in NWA. I recently bought an "Armani" vest (not that I care about brands) that still had the tag on it. It was originally $78.00. I bought it for $3.
*Sometimes I hate Walmart. It overwhelms me and sometimes I hate the consumer in me that finds things I "need" that weren't on my list. I succumb to the walmart everyday low prices. BUT… walking through the Walton 5 &10 museum, it's really interesting how Sam Walton started everything. My favorite part is the wall of reasons people have returned items. It was hilarious.

My favorite part of this past week though, was all the unplanned things. You can make a fun list and plan out what you want to do and have an absolute blast checking off each thing. But the best memories are the little conversations I overheard between Kris and Jax, dinner table conversations, new favorite songs and all the laughter and tears in between.

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