Monday, October 10, 2011

Deep Thoughts by Meg

(grab a cup of coffee, this one promises to be long)

* Just started the book "Radical". The ironic thing about the entire premise of this book is that to a christian, I think that it boils down to simple obedience to Christ and his word. It shouldn't be radical at all, it should be ordinary even. Something we live out everyday. I have a long way to go.

*There have been moments in the past few months where I feel deserted, forgotten, and even left out. By my hometown friends and by a new circle of friends. I think maybe this is natural for a person when they are in a new town. But something I'm realizing and applying to my daily life is that because I have the Holy Spirit indwelling me, I need never feel lonely. Because I literally am not.

*I've heard the phrase "they've been here since the beginning" about people in our church plant. There's absolutely nothing wrong with this phrase. It's actually just a fact, they were there since the beginning. But somehow it stings every time some says it, as if we're not useful or as good because we weren't here since the beginning. But the Lord graciously reminds me that 2 years ago, I had a cleft baby who needed my care, a marriage that needed the Lord's intervention and a whole lots of wrestling to do with God over his sovereignty. So, we weren't supposed to be here 2 years ago. And I'm am thankful that He knew better than we did. I can't imagine getting through that first year of Jax's little life without my family and Russellville friends to help us! And I am grateful to be here now. And who knows where God's sovereignty will take us but we trust it and we can't help but be grateful for it.

*Last Thursday, several ladies from church met to pray. There ended up being just three of us. It was a blessing to lift our voices united. Since planning to move to our new location and praying for great influence in Bella Vista, our church has felt major attack. So we came together to pray. It was a gracious gift from Jesus because I (as i mentioned before) have felt lonely at times. But unified in pray does a spirit good. :)

* We are still pursuing the CALL. We have more training in November. We wait, trusting God's timing though we are exciting and giddy about more kiddos to fill our home. We also are going to be "family friends" to some international students at a college nearby. Also, looking forward to having them in our home for dinner or laundry or whatever they need.

*Some neighbor kids invaded our deck recently one pretty fall day when J and I were outside. Though there were loud and rowdy and played to rough with J ( they thought he was 4 or 5, because he was practically the same size as them) …I suppressed the "mommy flare" in me and knew that these latchkey kids needed to see Christ in me. So I made ground rules and let them stay as long as they wanted.

*Acts is rocking my world this year in BSF. I may have already mentioned it. But thats ok because I simply can't stop talking about it. And honestly I think that's the way the word of God should be to us.  Insatiable.

* Wednesday our Community group is helping serve at an event called "fields of faith". We're grilling food and then we'll have the opportunity to pray with kids that need it throughout the service. I'm really excited about this because I love high school kids and I love a service project.

* I am going to India in January. I have the privilege to visit the BGCH Orphanage for the very first time. We are unsure where the money will come from but we trust God as he shows us how he'll do it!

*My hubs is the greatest guy I know. He's not perfect and makes no claim to be. But I have seen traits in him that God has developed since we got here, that I have never seen before. And so in praise to God for what he's done in KP, I just have to brag on him a little. He is an amazing servant: even when he works till well after 1 or 2 am he's always at set up the next morning for church at 7:45. He's a wonderful Dad: since he had most mornings and afternoons with us, he gets to spend a lot more time with Jax. He's a hard worker and a wonderful provider: its a gift that he lets me stay home. He's a great musician: he gets to be a part of the worship team at NCC and has real talent to give back to the Lord. He is excited about the things the Lord wants to do in our family and in our future. He is has great ideas of open our home to others and has a heart for foster and adoptive kids.
It really is hard on him to send me to India and not be able to come…maybe next time we'll all be going.

* Jax has learned to pray. And it is quite possibly the most joyous sound I've ever heard. He also love to read his bible. Someone at KP's work function last night told us he is the most polite child they'd ever seen. Now…maybe they haven't seen that many children…but it did soothe my worrying heart because we have seen major progress in Jax and he does use his manners all the time and is obedient a lot more.  It just goes to show that you can never trust a parenting book ( even a christian one) over the bible. God knows how to raise children. A whole lot better than I do.
Its funny how in their first year we catalog all their measurements as if those mean something. But now, we get to begin catalog their character as we develop it and establish the Way they should go. After reading "A mission minded family" I look forward to raise our kids so that they day they come to us and tell us they're going to Africa or some other ends of the earth, we will be eternally proud and humbled. (though we hope that we're already in africa….) :)

*the laundry is never done. and there's only three of us.

:)love, from Bella Vista

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The Merediths said...

The laundry is never, ever done. I feel the same way about the dishes, too. Those two chores keep my mom gig in business.