Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Ride the Train

Saturday was "Frisco Festival" in downtown Rogers. We didnt go for the whole festival but we did hear that there would be real train rides from Rogers to Sprigdale and back. And since this boy LOVES trains, I took him to ride it in the late afternoon.
One of his favorite books is of course, a Thomas the train book, but it's one about when Thomas find an old engine named Hiro. He practically has the entire book memorized and can recite it to anyone. So all the way to Springdale and back this could be overheard from our section of the train car,
Jax:" Click, Clack, Click Clack,
Thomas down track.
Old Engine.
Named Hiro.
Hiro is broken.
Thomas fix him.
Oh no, here come Spencer.
Spencer fall mud.
Thomas tell top hat (sir topham hat)
Hiro help.
Hooray for Hiro."

And he loves the way the train car rocked back and forth and every time the train would whistle, he would get the pictured look of awe and suprise and say, "Ooo , train whistles" (which sounds more like train weeesles. which is adorable everytime)
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