Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Today we got to have a play date with our new friends and neighbors Stacey and Kindyl. We took the kids to Barnes and Noble. I know, sounds like a funny place for a play date, but it's really quite brilliant. They have a winnie the pooh forest where the kids can sit and read books, and they have a thomas train table. ( What more could Jax want? His two favortie things: books and trains) And so while the kids play (for free, I might add) we got to sit and chat ( and have coffee).
Jax really never moved from this spot unless he had to go potty.

Kindyll had more fun pulling all the "olivia" dolls off the shelf and re-shelving them (many times).

We even got to have lunch together before naptime. We had a wonderful time.

Really cute things overheard on our play date:

"Kinel?" As Jax races across the parking lot to hold Kindyll's hand until they got in the car. (presh!)

Kindyll: "I don't like that dot com."

Kindyll: "That Elmo, he can't catch a break."

(While both in the bathroom in seperate stalls) Jax: "Kinel go potty too!"
"Kinel done potty too!"

P.s. Did you know I'm officially a stay at home mom and a home maker? And I am LOVING it. (is it aparent from the posts? i hope so) Life is going great in NWA. God is exceedingly faithful and gracious to us. I know I haven't been very good at deatiling every thing or every day. But now that I'm officailly just a crafty mommy and a BSF leader, I plan to have the time to catch back up and be a better blogger.

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Kristy said...

Glad you are enjoying being a stay at home mom! So many neat and fun things to do where you are at!