Friday, July 22, 2011


Last night I got home from a three day trip to Russellville, Arkansas Children's Hospital and back. Jax had his checkups on Wednesday and since its a pretty far drive from BV to LR, we split the trip up and hung out with the fam for a two days ( Nanna doesn't hate that!)

Going to Children's is ALWAYS encouraging and uplifting. This time, especially because there was no suction, no papoose, no surgery and no traumatic anything. It was just simply checkup. And although it makes for a extraordinarily long morning (left the house at 7:30, left little rock at 2:10) Jax is a super trooper.
He had to see the Speech therapist, the audiologist and the ENT.
But all good news.

The Speech Therapist was literally jaw dropping amazed with his progress. Back at his initial assessment in January, he wouldn't even make a sound to the therapist. And now he can say anything she showed him a picture of, he knows all his colors, he can say the alphabet and count 1-5.
And his annunciation and diction, she said were phenomenal.  Which we knew, ourselves, already. It seems since we arrive in BV, his speech has just blown up all on his own.
He's confident and articulate and is willing to try anything. Which is a 180 degree change from January.
BUT…the best news of all to this momma of a cleft kid was that the therapist said that none of his "language mistakes" were cleft related. That all of his "mistakes" were typical two year old things ( such as Lellow instead of Yellow)

I was beaming. I am so proud of Jaxon.

He doesn't love to wear the headphone ( in fact he refuses and it's something now that we have a plan in place at home to cure him of his fear of headphones) so, audiology is never really fun. But overall he passes his hearing tests overtime.

And ENT is always great because it's nice to know his ears are looking clear (if you've been following along you know the boys just got issues…) and that his doctor is continually pleased with his beautiful lip line and palate.
No surgeries probably until he's six. (PTL!)

Its always a blessing from the Father to see nurse Emily and even though Jax HATES it when they look in his ear ( we're going to find him a play nurse kits to overcome this fear too) he recovers so quickly and is soon bf's again when she gives his teddy grahams, juice and a flashlight. ( We love you Emily!)

Another short story about this day is that I see a lot of people come through the waiting room at ACH. And one boy stood out to me, he was probably in high school and with KP's permission, I will just tell you that he was handsome! And he had a cleft scar that I could spot instantly, not because it was obvious, but just because I spot them anywhere, from 10 miles away.
But one thing that impressed me the most was that, to my mom, she couldn't even tell, other than the fact that he was scruffy and so there was a slight part in his "mustache" from the scar. He had a perfect nose and perfect teeth. ( and what teenage boy isn't a little proud of some battle wound on their face!?)

I don't know why this encouraged me so much, but it did. It made my heart smile. And that is just truly a gift from the Lord.

And now, Jax gets to spend the entire weekend with LuLu and Kori because KP and I start our CALL training tomorrow. I know they are having a blast! I'm sure there will be fun pictures to post next week!

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