Sunday, July 17, 2011

Last week, Jax and I got invited to Trumbo's house at the lake. She is the teaching leader at the Rogers BSF class, and wanted me to meet some other moms and kids from BSF. I was so eager to hangout with them. Jax had a blast jumping off the dock (with help) and swimming in his life jackets with mom in the lake. But alas, after losing two pairs of earplugs in the lake, we had to get out.
But it was good timing because Karen had lunch for us up at her house. Yummy salads for the moms and corn dogs for the kiddos. She even had a craft for everyone to do after lunch. Which you can take one look at the collage  and see what Jax thought of the craft. 

"That's one way to do Jax!"

We really had a great time  and it was such a great joy to meet other moms. I am also excited to get back into BSF in the fall. I am planning on going to a day class so that Jax can go with me.

Just some fun pics of Jax's painting. He loves to paint, and since you guys know I do too, it's a fun thing to do side by side. 

I am week one into a new eating regiment and have already lost 7 lbs, but the weekend before I started that I made these yummy little things for breakfast. Cresent rolls with nutela and pb rolled up into them. Jax loved them too. I figure, really…you could most likely roll almost anything into a crescent roll and it would be yum.

Being two can be tough somedays… but to be honest, there's days that I feel like acting like this too. 

Just wanted to share a litte peek into NCC worship service this am.

Its a blessing to get to serve at NCC weekly. It's a pleasure to be getting to know all these incredible people. Its an honor to be in the midst of what God is doing here. 

One encouraging story:
One of our neighbors that we invited to the community movie night, showed up at church last week. We were so surprised and thrilled. He said that he and his wife had never taken their 3 yr old to any church and so he came to test it out. 
And this week, they all three came back to church! 
Our hearts are encouraged and glad!

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