Tuesday, July 26, 2011

 This is the "Lunch Special" today. After a morning of errands and groceries, Jax a little testy at lunch. So, sometimes I leave him alone for a few minutes so that he can "make a good choice. And today was no exception, I  was folding laundry in the living room and I heard, "mmm, it's good." and I thought to myself, "Oh good, he decided to eat it."
So…I continued folding. Moments later I went in to check on how many he had eaten and I found the above picture. He hadn't eaten any of the chicken! Instead he had spiked his hair using the ketchup!
No biggie, I thought: it's potty training day anyway…major bath time tonight! This kid is funny.
 So, speaking of potty training, we got this little potty from the wonderful Jasa Babb and she had let Shep "decorate his own potty" (which there was still remnants of his old stickers) so I thought that was a wonderful idea. So we found some stickers downstairs and Jax just thought that was so funny to decorate his potty. When before he was a little nervous about the potty, now he started saying, "My potty."
And today was the first real day of pt, and it went really well.
I also employed the M&M's tactic and he even has a star chart, that every time he pees or poops in the potty he gets to put a star on the chart. And he loves both reinforcements.

 We have been working and practicing on wearing the headphones so that next time we visit nurse emily…they'll be so proud and impressed that Jax won't freak out about the headphone. So tonight was our first attempt.
He did great. He wore them for about 4 scenes of Cars before he wanted them off. So, that's a great start!

 Between things like potty training and headphones today…I was one proud and thankful mommy.
Thankful to be home and praying God will allow me to stay that way.

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