Saturday, June 11, 2011

What I need you to know

 #1: We finally found a really yummy gluten free pizza crust recipe. We love homemade pizza! 
 #2: The other night Kyle was on a long ride with the guys and so Jax and I went to the park after work and then had a picnic in the living room floor. I cherish time with Jax. 
 #3: I'm finally getting the turquoise kitchen table I've been envisioning for years. Kyle started it a few days ago and it's looking really fun. We're going to antique it with stain after the second coat of turq. goes on.
 #4: Kyle is riding in the "Tulsa Tough" today and so Jax and I decided to go to the pool again. (we went yesterday after work to a different pool and then out to eat with some new girlfriends) Only, when we got there at 10, we realized it didn't open till 11. So we played at the park until it was time.
 Jax made some new friends…who were all named Jaxon.
 I mean, what are the odds of that? Three Jaxons at one park all at the same time!
People are really friendly here and it so fun to interact with other families and their kids. 
 #5 Jax and I had so much fun at the pool today. I love the pools here because they all have little kiddie areas that are just their size to splash and play and even start practicing putting his whole face in the water by himself. 

#6: Kyle started his job this week at the Boys and Girls Club. He says it feels like summer camp, which is fun. And although we are so grateful for this 8 weeks summer job, we are already praying and thinking about jobs for the fall.

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frgdanc said...

glad you are settling in...will keep you guys in our prayers! LOVE Jax's haircut, and all the fun pictures, he is way too cute!!