Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The One with the Snuggie

Random tidbit you need to know about Jax is that he loves ice cream cones. This is maybe his second one in his whole little life but he love them. (is that boy not handsome!? hello!)
We celebrated Father's Day early since Jax and I were heading to Russellville for the weekend. Kyle had a big ride planned on Saturday and things he'd already committed to for church on Sunday. Kyle is infamous with friends/roommates/family for being cold, having terrible circulation and really low blood pressure. ( not to mention NO fat on his body. So He's always wrapping himself in this awful blanket that he's had for years.
So for Father's day I bought him a SNUGGIE! And not only that, a KU snuggie.
What!? I am the best wife ever.
The Futts were passing through on their way to MN and spent the night with us. We stayed up way too late but had a blast having them here. We miss them so much! It was so encouraging to have them here!
Little Miss Elsy had some good snuggle time with KP and Joe had some good snuggle time with the snuggie.
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