Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Father's Day Weekend

Oh he's soooo cool!
Two of my favorite people. ever.
This weekend was good medicine. Best friends who understand. Movies, ice cream, smores, porch swings, encouraging hugs from friends, special church service, family. Sometime when life can me too much, when work is hard and stressful, when things are out of our control...you just need a little encouragement. Refreshment. Thanks Lord.
Beck and Jax reunited.

They wouldn't be boys and it wouldn't be summer if they weren't drinking out the hose.
Jax started a splash war with pappy. So funny!
Read books with Auntie Lissa. "overdeer."
Jax got to stay this whole week at "grandparent camp" at Nanna and Pappy's. So I'm sure there's lots of fun like this going on. So fun for them to get to spend the week together and fun for us to get to go on dates.
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