Monday, June 27, 2011

Bringing things home...

Jax got to spend and entire week at Nanny and Poppy's house only to come home to LuLu, Kori and Cody!! We thought it was going to be a picture perfect weekend. We'd even planned to take Jax to see his first "in theater" movie: Cars 2. I won't lie, the adults were pretty stinkin excited too. But like most plans it seems: not so much.
See, because Jax also returned to us with a stomach bug. I'll get to that in a minute.
Jax also returned from "grandparent camp" with a new book. Which Jax calls "happy choo-choo" (Happy Birthday Thomas) so the weekend started off with many reading of the book. LuLu was happy to oblige.
Saturday we took the scenic walk to Bentonville and paroosed around the farmers market

We tried to let Jax play at the splash pad, but he was not in to it today. This is when we realized the boy was really not feeling good. He was clingy, whiny and needy. And did not want a stitch of food.

Sometimes it feels like this when you're sick.

Nevertheless, he said he wanted to "tries" (fries) so we went ahead and met some friends for lunch. This is Greg and Cassi and Reese. Enjoying these folks so much!

Jax entertained himself by doing goldfish tricks.

(its out of focus but we're still cute)
After nap time we decided to go ahead and try for the movie. First we ate at Mellow Mushroom (because they make gluten free pizza...amazing) LuLu had the pleasure of singing "Old MacDonald's had a horse" 75,000 times. This picture is on the way to dinner.
This picture is on the way home. After projectile vomiting in the car (seemingly 3 gallons) in the movie theater parking lot. Better in the car than in the theater we decided.

So, bummer. The stomach bug kept us home from the movie, church the next day and came home early from work today because of it. Boooo.

 Nevertheless, it was wonderful to have G, K & C at the house for the weekend. Love you guys. Thanks for coming! (ps. wash your hands alot)

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Hope Jax is feeling better!!