Monday, April 4, 2011

Turning 2 is fun!

The day started with mickey mouse pancakes and a little tykes train set that was a big hit. We played at the house all day and finished the birthday cake. After nap time we headed to the church playground for a small party with family and friends.

 Jax's birthday cake was white cake with a raspberry-cheescake swirl in it. (a little something I made up...) With of course, buttercream icing and a fondant train. Delish!

(cousin pic)
Jax had a blast playing with his Beckett and Carter and Owen. Even miss Elsy Kate and miss Olivia came to join the festivities. It was a beautiful day and I'm so glad we had the party at the park. It was low maintenance, stress free and "almost" meltdown free by the kids.

We ended the day with pizza and a movie back at our house. We watch "Tangled" and it was really cute. We had wanted to take Jax to his first movie in the theater, but there wasn't anything out that was appropriate. So, I think we'll save that for Cars2.
Jax got lots of trains, summer pajamas (which we needed!), and a super cute hand painted stool from Aunt Megan. And now with new toys, it officially time to clean out the old and purge the toy baskets!

I doubt more measly words can do justice to the gratefulness that fills my heart for this boy. I was sitting next to Katy at the party at one point and she said, "It's funny, you'll blink and he'll be four." And it's true, time goes by so fast. But I never want to stop being thankful, humble and loving him unconditionally in all the years that go by so quickly. Jax is a miracle, a gift from God that has brought so many lessons and blessings into our lives.

I said this on the radioathon and I'll say it on here, we'll have tough years ahead. Bone Grafts and other surgeries.  But this year was a great year and we say thank you to the Father and we praise him for good years in between the tough ones.

Happy Birthday Jaxon!

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frgdanc said...

Looks like a SUPER day! Happy Birthday to your big boy. :)