Friday, April 8, 2011

Jaximus Update

Yesterday was a non-stop day.
*Jax had his two year checkup after work. He is big dude. He weigh 30 solid pounds (if you've ever picked him up you know what I'm talking about.) And he wouldn't cooperate with the measuring but his cute growth stick at home that his auntie Kori made him is saying 37 1/2. His ears looked good and that is something I always feel relieved to hear!

*And I mentioned that he wouldn't really cooperate because he's starting to get to that age where he's been to doctors and hospitals A LOT. At Children's they've had to put him in the "burrito wrap" thing twice now. So, I think the poor guy thinks that everytime we go to the doctor they are going to do something traumatic to him. We'll have to work on this I'm sure for years to come. (Sorry Dr. Beth)

*I know I've mentioned his speech therapy a ton, but he goes twice a week and then even has another therapist that goes and visits his school once a week. He's doing so good and all his therapists are saying that he's progress wonderfully. He's catching on the knew consonance sounds and he's evening making some sentences. They tell us to make a big deal about him attempting and completing new sounds, words and sentences. To give him lots of praise.

*My Dad built the boys a big sandbox in the back yard. And it is the biggest hit. Jax has always been a texture guys and he love to just sit there and bury his feet in it and hold it in his hands and watch it fall through his fingers. He and Beckett love to dump from one cup to another, over and over. Its so cute to watch them play together.

*Jax does have such a tender heart that he falls apart easily. But we're working on not throwing fits and not falling apart about toys and such. Mostly, just the mention of the time out chair doesn't the trick.

My current challenges as a mom of a two years old:
*Consistency. (being firm and consistent even in public or around disapproving whoevers)
*Leaving in the mornings: it's hard not to think I could be teaching him so much better or we could be playing with friends if I wasn't working.
*Trying to make the most of our afternoons when I'm already tired after work.

Funny Jax converstaion:
(From the backseat sometimes, Jax will run through his favorite people)
"Mama, Na, Pa, Ekett, Da"
"Yes, Nanna and Pappy are at home. Beckett is at his house and Daddy is at work."
"Nooo" (he has this long sweet no)
"Yes his is silly. Daddy is at work. Can you say Daddy at work?"
"Da a wok"
"Good job buddy! That's right. Daddy is at work"
"He's not? Where is he?"
(he holds his finger up to his mouth) "Shhhhh"
I erupt in laughter.
"Daddy's sleeping?"

He is so sweet and funny. I love that he talks to me now. I never want him to stop.

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