Friday, April 1, 2011

ES, JPM, and etc.

One El Salvador story:
I got pretty sick on the next to last day. El Salvadorian Stomach type sick. I got sick at the end of the day at our block party, which also happened to be my favorite day. Ironic I know. But I had to stay so close to the bathroom, that I even had to stay "home" in our hotel the next morning, It was our last day there and it was disheartening to be sick. But I've been very sick on mission trips before, so I knew that sometimes God forces you to slow down and rest. So I did. I slept all morning in hope that when the group returned by lunch that I would be tip top shape to go out door to door that afternoon and be able to be a team player that night at the block party.
And I don't know about tip top shape, but I did feel better so I decided to go out. Well, a hot bus ride later and I was feeling nauseated again. But I gathered up all the measly strength I had and told Kyle I still wanted to go. It's why we came all this way, I didn't want to miss it. Tears were forming in my eyes at the thought of not being able to go. And Kyle knew that I needed to stay in, it was a hot, sunny afternoon and they were about to do alot of walking. I hadn't eaten in 24 hrs and I was drained of any energy I might've had. He talked me down and comforted me by commending me valiant spirit in the midst of sickness. He was right and He's very sweet, but I still snuck away to the banana tree to shed a tears that were falling against my will,  as the group ventured out.
But here's how gracious God is, staying behind that afternoon, I got to sit in on Larry doing a discipleship class with the church leaders. It was so cool to watch him go through the "Wheel" and Manuel translate, and see the lightbulb go off in these nationals minds. The saw how discipleship should look and they kept saying, "It is clear to us, and we know we need to learn this for ourselves and teach others"
Then later at the block party, as I was painting faces and Jay walked over and asked, "You want the gospel presentation?" I said "sure".
Did I know what to say? How many people would be staring at me blankly?
I said a prayer.
I took a deep breath. I knew the gospel. I had accepted the gospel. And more importantly, I had the Holy Spirit. I asked him to speak.
So I got the share the gospel with an enitre block full of people, when I was so brokenhearted about not being able to knock on a few doors.
I remember a breeze blowing right as Jay said amen to the acceptance prayer and slowly hands began to raise over the crowd.
My heart was captivated with gratitude at what the Lord had just done.

If our hearts are willing-think of what he can do!!!

Back in the States:
 JPM- "the Jaxinator" turns 2 tomorrow. It's really hard to believe. I thought his first year was the longest of my life with surgery after surgery. But all of the sudden he's TWO. And it's sooo cute to ask him how old he is and he'll hold up both of his index fingers seperately and exclaim, "Two!"
We planned a small party but we'll just have to see how the weather cooperates.
He's doing really well at speech therapy and developing good language everyday. His ears are better and we're continually doing ear drops and kids allegra to dry up the drainage. Now that his ears are better and he's adjusted to living at Nanna's, he's sleeping normally and waking up happy most of the time. (that's good for everyone) But Kyle and I decided that when we move, we might as well buy his a twin bed because he's already practically too long for his infant mattress. There's more to document, but I'll save that for post all about Jax and being two.

Giveaway News:
Jessica Gray is the winner of the Candle and Cake giveaway! Congrats! And thanks to Lydia for hosting a fun party!

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