Tuesday, April 12, 2011


We got to go visti our friends the Hornbecks this past weekend. Anna had asked me to come talk to her youth girls about purity. And since we rarely get to see them, we went for the whole weekend. Here's highlights in pics:
 Jax decided Ethan's name was "Joe"
 They had a blast together all weekend
 We just so happened to be there for Allie's prom. And I just so happened to have my camera.
 Si and Anna have a really great house and yard.

 Allie looked beautiful. She is such a fun, sweet and gorgeous young lady.

 After prom pics, we took the boys to the park before dinner. Jax loves to do "hangs". I'm pretty sure 20 seconds was the records this time!

 Ethan is so funny. We just love this whole family and wish we got to see them more often.
 Sports fans already. But I doubt they'll ever be sitting on the sidelines.
I realize that there's really NO pics of us parents, but you understand....that's happens. 
There's stories to go with this post but I'll save those for tomorrow.

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