Thursday, April 14, 2011


Well, we have an announcement!
No, we're not pregnant.
We're moving!

To Bella Vista, AR (google map it if you don't know where that is)

About six months ago our lives changed for the better. Long story short we both go to the place where we told God, "No more of me. Literally. None. Only you God. We'll go ANYWHERE you want us to go, and we'll do ANYTHING you want us to do."

So, we sold our house, got our of debt, waited and prayed.
We looked into the IMB, Going overseas solo, working for Family Life....the list goes on. You name it, we researched it. But God continued to close the doors. We didn't even get offended that he was closing doors becuase we knew that he was just directing us.

And we had even been approached about a youth pastor job in Murfreesboro, but it was clear when we were there last weekend where God was leading us.

And of all places. Bella Vista. Sometimes when you put your yes on Nabia or some distant place like that, then he says, Ok, I see you're live it out, a little more local.
Some of our very good friends have a church plant up there. Northwest Community Church. And we've been wishing to be a part of it since they started it but we didn't have jobs.

So God gave us jobs.
But we also wanted to some how have our own ministry too.

And we have an overwhelming peace about where we're being led to go. And we're excited about this new adventure.

Are we a little nervous, sure. Its happening fast, yes-but God's thought are higher than mine and his timing is Waaay better than mine. Am I sad to leave freinds and family, you bet! Am I excited about moving yet again, no but it was inevitable.

But we're just two hours up the road! So, come visit.

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