Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Right Now

(I stole this idea off someone else’s blog, who stole it off someone else’s blog.

So you’re welcome to keep it going and steal it off mine.)

Right now:

-new babies all around. LOVE my sis's sweet baby Cooper and Ams' beautiful Elsy.
-my marathon running, hard working, husband who is seeking hard after God.
-friends that share my passions for adoption and living simply
-listening to Jax get excited about his Nanna and Pappy no matter how long it’s been since he’s seen them last (five mintues because they walked outside to feed the horses). He’ll exclaim at the top of his voice, “Oh Pa!!” We joke that he’s greek.

Not Loving
-cold weather that is lingering around. We’re ready for spring
-Jax’s oozing ears. Hoping to gain some relief today at ACH.
-working. Not going to lie. It’s hard on me.

-paying off debt. Well on our way to being completely debt free.
-setting God’s goals. Personally, spiritually and for our family

-what is behind and straining towards what is ahead.(phil 3:14)
-where I put my keys
-people that hurt me. Life is too short to hold grudges and stay in bondage.

-encouraging blogs of other Cleft mom’s. (this needs to be a post all it’s own. Such a gift from God)
-a sneak peek of Lisa Bevere’s “Lioness Arising” (can I just say, amazing!)
-“For Women only” Every woman should read this. It’s incredible and changing our marriage.

-for God to reveal our next step
-for spring. Trying to find spring and summer clothes for my lil boy who will no doubt be outside all the time.
-to talk to some great girls about purity in April
-For our El Salvador trip in 10 days!

Believing>-God is already in the future as well as in the present with us, that he will lead us and provide for us each step that we need to take.
-God will protect our adopted children that are not with us yet.
-In at least my life, God has given me talents and gifts to learn to GET OVER MYSELF and to only desire what his Holy Spirit wants to do in me. I’m believing that I don’t have to self promote. I don’t have be offended when I don’t get picked or praised, because it is only Jesus in me that is good. So, I will praise him. And if he chooses to allow me to still paint, photograph, bake, write, create….yadda yadda crafty things…then so be it. And I will thank him and praise him.
-that I’m prideful and selfish but God wants to make me into “something strong, beautiful and fierce.”

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