Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Marathon Weekend

This past Saturday we dropped Jax off in Conway at K&G Meredith's house with the company of Grumps and LuLu Meredith for Jax and Carter to have a "bunking party"
while Kyle and I went to Little Rock for the Marathon.

Kyle ran the Marathon.
I photographed it with ASI. (www.asiorders.com)

This was Kyle's second full marathon but my very first time to shoot for the official race photographers. It was a really great day for both of us.

Kyle finished in 3:45! This is just a praise God moment, for those of you who know how far he has come. 60 pounds lighter and almost two hours faster than his first marathon! Holy Bannahammack that is awesome!

But, I've gotten way ahead of myself.
Saturday night, I had a brief meeting with the ASI team and Kyle picked up his race packet and then we walked downtown to grab some dinner. (Have I ever mentioned how hard it is to think of "carb loading" for a gluten free eater...good grief!)

And because of all of Jax's ear issues that we've still been dealing with, he hasn't been sleeping well. So needless to say, since we moved in to my parent's house between "newborn style" nights with Jax and a smaller bed than we're used to (a full)...we haven't gotten much sleep in several weeks, and we enjoyed that hotel King size at the Doubletree.

Even though our mornings started really early and we both had long days (we were tired and achey for entirely different reasons), we both had really great days.
And it was really fun to sort of be doing it together. We both hope to continue doing what we love to do.

Jax had an amazing time with cousin Carter and Hollis. We heard that he slept the whole night and really well (the little toot!) Who knows what really went on in Carter's room all night and if they ever really slept at all...but I'm so thankful for close cousins for him to play and grow up together with. They were so sweet to let Jax invade their space for the night and day.

Fianl thoughts: I am reminded that Kyle's first marathon was the Marine Corp Marathon and I was pregnant with Jax. And now his second marathon is just a month before Jax turns two. How amazing it is to look back and see all that God has already accomplished in our lives and in our family since then. He gets all the credit and we thank him for what he's promised to complete in us!

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