Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Rare Day

Snow is rare.
Days where we are all home together is rare.
Days that seems to be one continuos highlight, sometimes seems rare.

Highlights from our first snow day of 2011:
*Jax lasted approx. 20 minutes out in the snow. He hates to wear clothes, so you can imagine the meltdown that getting bundled up caused!
*Since Kyle and I were both home from work, we took the day to change things in Jax's room. IE: Kyle built him and toddler platform bed. (will post pictures when it's warm enough and I have painted it)
*Hot Cocoa and popcorn and a movie in the afternoon
*A little visit from Joe and Ams, where I got to find out the gender of little Elsy, so that I could make colored cupcakes for the "gender reveal party" later that evening. Somehow I forgot to take pictures of those cute cupcakes in all the excitement.
*Spending the evening with wonderful friends and discovering wonderful things about baby futt that is on the way, like her name is Elsy Kate and her name means, "God will provide."
*A like minded group of friends: rare and special gift from the Lord.

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