Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Polar Bearing Chronicles: THAT day at the lake

The story starts like this:
Last saturday, Mel and Beck and Jax and I had lunch. Then we went to our seperate house for seperate naptimes. Then later we decided to meet up at the marina park to let the boys play since it was slightly warmer this day. So we played for a while on the playground. We ran into Jacob and Owen, a fun suprise. And then after about all the sliding and swinging and almost free falling off the top of the playground...we thought, "let's let the boys go over the grassy area and just play in the grass and sand."

Not a bad idea right?


We start walking around and both boys notice that the grass lead to the sand and the sand leads to the lake.

oooooo, the lake.

So, in typical mommy fashion, we start telling the boys that we can't go in the water. One little boy is listening (Beckett).
One little boy is inching ever closer to the water with that sneaky little smile that all of you have seen.
I say it a little more firmly. A little more loudly. He's still walking towards the sparkling water. I threathen him with a spanking saying, "Jax if you get get your shoes wet, you WILL get a spanking."

(Side note: I had my camera in my left hand. I really only thought if he really tried to go in the water he would just put his feet in.) Seconds later Jaxon was chest deep in COLD water. Somehow with my camera still in my left hand I snatched him out of the water with my right. I was wet up to my knees.

This picture was somehow taken on the way down.

I was MAD.
He did not obey me and now we were BOTH wet. In January. Melissa was laughing...and apologizing for laughing, but she couldn't keep from laughing. And I told her that I knew it would be funny later but right then I was jut so mad at him. I wanted to spank him for disobeying me, because I told him that I was going to if he disobeyed me...but the Lord's compassion and his instincts took over and I knew more importantly i needed to get the wet clothes off of him.

Thanks to Learing Land, we always have a change of clothes in his bag. And thanks to house showings...there were random things trhown in my trunk, one of which was shoes that need to be given away because they had just been grown out this month. So I scrambled to change his diaper, pants, shirt and shoes in the cold January air. (All the while remark to Melissa how I have never been so upset with him! And she is still laughing at the turn of events)

But without hardly skipping a beat, Jax and Beck continued to play.

Sometimes being a mom can make you want to laugh, cry, yell and sit down and give up …all at the same time. There's more comical mommy moments in the future, but hopefully we've all learned a lesson about toddlers and polar bearing!

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