Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Day of Doctors

"Hey, Jax. Can you come look at this baby" nurse Emily leaned in our room and asked Jax.
"Chyeah" He nodded and trotted off after her into another waiting room. My mom and I followed. Jax toddled up to this beautiful red headed mom, holding her newborn precious cleft baby.
I flashed back. It seem like just a minute ago that, that was me with 6 day old Jax hearing out all that would happen until he's 18 or so. And now, almost two years later, Jax is the model of hope for a new little baby and his momma.
The mom smiled and teared up and Jax peered over her, patted her knee and pointed at the baby sweetly.

"He's eating and apple!" She exclaimed excitedly. And again I remember feeling the same, like my child would never be normal, look normal or eat normal. But here he was chomping on a whole apple.

It was a sweet blessing from the Father. A sweet reminder that we are given comfort and hope so that can in turn give others comfort and hope.

Jax had several appts at ACH yesterday and a regular check up at his pediatrician, also. So it was a LONG day at the doctor but Jax was a SuperTrooper all day.(even through his very last thing f the day which as a flu shot. What a way to end the day!)

Here's a few "Blessed Mommy" moments from yesterday:

*75-90th percentile for his height
*75th percentile for his weight
*Excellent hearing (which means his speech delay is just palate related)
*Even after having his ear cleaned and being wrapped up in a restraint burrito suit, he gave Emily and hug and a kiss.
*Let Five different doctors/nurses examine his ears (throughout the day at different appts.)
*Last night was the third night in his big boy bed and he slept the whole night in his bed. Never woke up or cried. I remember praying that he would be a baby/kid that was good at transitions and I thanked the Lord this morning for answering that prayer. I know I've posted about that before but we prayed for him to be a big, strong heathly boy, to bounce back well and to adapt well with change.
I even went back through old posts and remembered about how easy it was to get him off the bottle, the paci, and through surgery after surgery...he just adapts well to change.
I'm grateful for such an adventurous boy because who knows where the Lord is sending us.

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