Monday, August 16, 2010


Well folks, it's official. The house is on the market.

The sign is in the yard.

And the house has never been this clean, i am ashamed to say. And when did we find the time to get the house ready, you ask? Well, thanks to my folks and a deep cleaning machine named Megan Ruth and her steamvac... we got it done by 10:00 last night. Its been several week process, but I really wanted it on the market by this morning. And we made my deadline. Not that it means anything, it's just a goal I had in my head.

Do we know where we're going? No. Do we need to? Not really. One step at a time and we felt like this was the next step we needed to take. Life feels uncertain but that doesn't really scare me because sometimes having plans can be like illusions or false security. The Lord still directs our paths and he can still stand in our path in we are headed down the wrong one.

One thing I'm learning from our Esther study and clearly getting the opportunity to apply is: I'm not responsible for the "how", I'm only responsible for the how I respond. The Lord knows how to care of his children, he knows how to rescue them, and he knows how to provide for them.

And as I'm sitting here typing, I think, "You know? That's just like salvation. He provided the HOW, we just have to respond to it."
Profound, I know.

Back to the point.

The house is for sale. We're excited. More to come.

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