Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Log A Load

Giving back, paying it forward, support those who support us. This is what has been on my mind all weekend.
After Jax was born, my Dad decided to bring Log A Load fundraiser back to the River Valley. It's probably true of most people, but certainly for us that once we witnessed the excellence that Arkansas Children's Hospital achieves and how much they gave to us and did for Jax, we wanted to find a way to give back.
Over the weekend, on Saturday the 11th, was the 2nd annual Log A Load. It was a HUGE success. They have a catfish dinner, live auction, silent auction and raffles prizes. Along with appearances from Miss Arkansas and Smokey the Bear.
It truly means the world to me that my parents would work so hard to put on such an amazing event that raised over $122,000 for the hospital that has given Jax exactly what their motto says: Care, Love and Hope.
All of this reminds my of something a friend once told me (and I'll have to paraphrase)but she said that we give people that which we crave or need the most. In essence we, sometimes without noticing it show people how we want to be shown love or support by the way that we love and support them.
And if we pay it forward, if we bless those around us, it in turn blesses us.

(And just how cute is that blonde haired boy!?)

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elizabeth said...

that blonde hair boy IS cute. :) So glad that the event went well. I'm so blessed by your life and your friendship. Love you.