Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A simple lesson on listening to God : no bells and whistles

Yesterday was the first day of summer MDO and I have errands to run, things to bake, training to squeeze in and in the back of my mind I wanted to find Jax a new/ better kiddie pool. The one I bought last year (end of summer clearance @ kroger for $1) has a hole or leak in the third ring that I can't seem to find, so it doesn't inflate all the way.
I went to several places hoping to find an amazing sale or something, and each place I looked in my eyes kept dreaming bigger. I saw things with blow up slides and built-in sprayers. Pools that were shaped like aligators or that practically blew up into an entire theme park.
Would I like to be able to turn our little back yard into a theme park for Jax? Absolutely. But the more I looked, the more I knew my eyes were getting the best of me and I thought I should go home and think about it, maybe even make a plan.
But when we got home and were playing in the backyard...where did this guy spend most of his time? The dirt, the grass, the rocks...these were all the things that were the most find. He was filthy from head to toe and really only came over to the sad deflating pool to rinse off his hand or the newest, coolest rock he had just found.

Watching him enjoy the most basic backyard things made me realize that some of the things I want for Jax may just be because I want them for him. Not because he really wants them or
needs them. Would I still love to have a backyard water park? Probably. Is it okay if I choose to not put it in the budget? Yes, because Jax is enjoying summer and the backyard without the bells and whistles.Another really cool thing happened while Jax was at MDO. Ever since we needed a highchair, we've been borrowing one from some friends. And ever since then we've been looking for a good one...then eventually that switched to looking for a booster seat. And just like the pools there are a million and one kinds of booster seat. There's ones with trays and toys and fancy travel features. I couldn't decide what I need and how much I was willing to pay for one. I kept thinking that maybe I could find one at a garage sale or flea market.
So, on the way home yesterday from dropping Jax off, I passed a resuraunt that was having a garage sale in their parking lot. (odd I know.) I spotted a booster seat. But I kept driving. By the time I crossed the rail road tracks I felt the Lord whisper, "Turn around. I'm trying to give you something. Go ask him how much it was."
So, I turned around. It was $5! I got a booster seat for $5. It's basic, it's plain but it serves it purpose without any bells and whistles. (and it was $5. can you tell I' excited about the great deal?)
I'm so glad he's teaching me to listen to him.

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