Monday, June 21, 2010


A good friend of ours came for dinner last week. It was a great evening. He was about to leave on a 17 day mission trip to the Ukraine and we wanted to hear all about it. Along with that we also brainstormed about Kyle's store that he pans to open, talked about Lord of the Rings, Small groups, recent thoughts on God, movies and anything else worth talking about. Chris is so delightful to be around and we had a wonderful reunion over classic Fettuccine Alfredo.

Then on Friday, Me and Jax, Melissa and Beckett, My aunt Robin and Emma, and my mom all set out on a road trip to Witchita, Kansas for the Scott Family Reunion. I enjoy spending time with my mom's family that we don't get to see too often and this year I actually met a whole lot of cousins that I had never met before. It was so much fun to meet other cousins my age. Jax got another tooth over the weekend (he almost has a full set of teeth now if you can believe it) and that made for moments of "the crankies" and early mornings. But we managed and with all things considered, I feel like he behaved himself very well.
On a personal note I will admit sometimes I get anxious when we meet new people. I wonder to myself if they will notice Jax's scar on his lip. Will they ask? What will they say? Will they judge us? Will I cry if they don't react the way I want/expect them too? Our story is a gift from God and a testimony to his mercy and I will tell it to whoever will or wants to listen...BUT, sometimes it's nice to feel normal. It's nice when people can't even tell, or they don't ask. And I forget to worry about what people think. And that's always a really good thing.

It was a wonderful weekend. God is so good to give us history and deep roots to learn from, but also give us grace and hope for an abundant future.

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