Sunday, July 4, 2010

Do what it takes.

This week begins with training on the brain. I was trying to get mentally prepared for finishing my first tri challenge. But by wednesday morning I woke up with swollen tonsils, which is not really a good sign. Then in a sudden and quite tragic accident my brother had an accident while burning out an overgrown storm cellar. Something exploded from the bottom of the cellar sending Nathan who was 15 feet way into the air and off his feet. He had severe burns on his face and left forearm. (His Oakleys saved his eyes and for that we are grateful and will be sending them a picture and story. ) His friend Cody rushed him to Conway Regional, where they rushed him to Arkansas Children's Hospital Burn Unit ( yet another reason we will count of why we love ACH!)
Sparing you all the emotional turmoil that we were in not really knowing how bad things were until he got to ACH (for now anyway) I'll just say that it's not the Wednesday night that anybody planned on or hope for. Nathan stayed in the burn unit for several days and was treated for second degree burns on his face and arm. The doctor was pleased about his blood flow to both areas and felt confident that he would make a full recovery without skin graphs.
After a very late night at the hospital, I woke up sick as a dog on Thursday. I couldn't go visit Nate in my condition so Jax and I laid around and watched movies all day. Jax turned 15 months Friday ( which I'll give a satsifactory update all devoted to Jax later) but I was still feeling terrible. I was nervous I wouldn't be well enough for the tri or even I did, I hadn't worked out since Wednesday and was nervous about how it would go.
By saturday I was feeling better and we got to go visit Nathan at home. He is doing well at home and is managing the pain ok. He's the toughest guy I know. It was good to see him.
And today was the 2nd annual Firecracker Challenge. 320 swim, 13 mi bike and 2 mi run.
And I survived. I told myself on the hills, "How many times have I biked this hill? I've done it before. I can do it!" and most of the rest of the way, "Do what it takes. Whatever it takes."
I finished in about the time I thought I would, even with all the blowing of my nose and the cough drops. I finished. And I'm really excited about that. It was hard, but it was fun and I definately want to get better.

It was a triumphant way to overcome my cold, to celebrate the grace of God in Nathan's circumstances and to celebrate the 4th of July!

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Megon said...

One word:inspired!!! I am really proud of you Meg!