Thursday, June 17, 2010

The abbreviated version of when friends come to visit.

I have been given some of the most wonderful gifts of friendship. Friends that no matter how far away you live (India or Maryland), every time you are together every day if an adventure and you constantly make new memories even when plans don't work out right. Two of those friends, whom I had just spent time with in Maryland, came down to stay with us for a week. (And yes, I'm several weeks behind on posting)

Our week with Kristin and Kimmy was filled with daily adventures and making fun new memories. One night, I'm not quite sure how we all got lost. I'm still not sure when Hwy 109 is. Out in the boonies so far that the garmin couldn't even find us.
We never made it to the rodeo on that Friday night but we laughed and sang country songs which Kyle hated. Basically we drove to Booneville to eat a blow-pop.

Several mornings that week, Kristin and I hit our workouts hard. We swam, biked and ran. Kristin is the perfect compliment to my training and workout. I've lost ten lbs and am still training to do a tri this summer (July 4th). We talked alot about just getting out there and getting it done. No matter how or how slow...just "doing what it takes. whatever it takes" I've never had anyone beside kristin who can go my pace on days and push me on other days without making me want to yell at them. She is the best workout partner and she lives in India.
Although the rain and the flooding made for a tragic week in Arkansas, the Falls trails at Petit Jean was rewarding. I love this adventurous family picture.
One day I got to have a outing with just Kimberly and me. I took her to my friend Kayte that does my hair and we got hers chopped off and a much needed trim for me.

There was an afternoon spent at the pool. There was Shinn' Orchard and peach fest 2010 where we baked peach crisp and made homemade peach ice cream. There was mehndi tattooing and there was a night filled with sushi and good friends, the "IT" game and all the laughs you could ever want.

I love it when friends come to visit. I hate it when they leave. But that is the wonderful part about memories, they last you all the way till you're together again. You can find yourself laughing out loud in a car by yourself about sometime that made you cry because you laughed so hard or an encouraging conversation that gave you hope and new determination.

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