Saturday, June 5, 2010

Everybody's Working for the Weekend

This weekend is going to be eventful. I'm sure the best is yet to be seen really, but what is planned so far...
1. Already finished a cake this morning.
2. Wedding to shoot with Kristin this afternoon.
3. Jax is having a guys weekend roadtrip with Kyle to go see Grumps and Lu-Lu. (that means I have a working weekend to myself...can I squeeze in some fun? You bet!)
4. Biking and swimming both mornings (Firecracker Tri is coming up and I need to learn to swim. For real.)
5. Another wedding to shoot with Kristin on Sunday
6. Somewhere in there, editing and writing.
7. Finally ordered my new camera. Should be an end to photo-less posts soon. And you shall all rejoice.
8. Made three new headbands with old broaches and peacock feathers. (It would be more exciting with pictures, I'm sure)

I love doing weddings with Kristin. Sometimes the funniest stuff goes on, and we either did it or get to watch other people do it. Already today Kristin and I had this conversation:

"It's going to be hot as h-e-double hockey sticks out there today"- Kristin
"I think the devil might disagree with you about how hot it is."- me
"It wouldn't be the first time we've disagreed about something."-Kristin

So much to look forward to...

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