Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thoughts without form

-Finished my first 1/2 marathon. This was a big accomplishment for me. I remember when I did the Hogeye and thought I'd never do more than 6 miles! I got cramps in my calves and I pulled something in the back of my right knee about mile 7 and had to push through. Thanks to my rockin running partner Mel, I finished. She kept telling me I was hardcore and that helped me push through the pain. I decided that I needed more things in my life that gave me that sense of acomplishment while giving it everything I had.

-Starting to train for triathalons this summer. Kyle did a bunch last year and I wanted to do at least one this summer.

-Jax is doing great. Eating like a champ again. Still loves the chocolate but I'm being sneaky and weaning him off of it. I put ovaltine in with his formula, but starting to put less.

-He has taken a few steps at home before but nothing consistent. Today at MDO they told me that he does that constantly. This was such so cute to me. I like that he's doing well at MDO and having fun.

-Jax is about to be a year old. This is insane to me. How did a year fly by already. I know that every mother feels this way. Part of this past year have been the longest weeks and months of my life but others have slipped right through my arms. I posted back when we named Jax that he's name means "God has been gracious" and I honestly feel that way about this past year. God has been gracious to us.

-I woke up from a dream the other night and immediately wrote it down. I dream a lot but mostly it's just regurgitation of my day or some event. But I was so enthralled with this dream that I knew it had to be a book. So that makes 3 unfinished books that I am working on in all that spare time I have.

-I have been doing cakes like crazy. It's funny how God chooses to bless things in your life that you never expected. And I do feel blessed. I've done some fun cakes for birthdays, petit fours and truffles for showers and parties. And at this point in my life I'm just thankful for the work, whatever it is.

- Kyle is sooo close to being done with school. Spring Break can't come soon enough though. I mean the man needs a break, wouldn't you say? Get your party hats on because come May, this man is getting a celebration!

-We are learning alot about personality and spiritual gifts in our SS class. This is fun for me because I've always loved stuff like birth order, etc. I'm fascinated with why people the way they are.

-We are planning to go to BGCH in August for two weeks or possibly a month. This is a really cool opportunity ad there is a long list to pray about until then.

-We have made some hypothetical plans after graduation. It's very exciting to us to be on the threshold of a whole new adventure in our lives. I know that there are things in my life that I don't think I can handle, but watching God do all that he has done in the past year proves to me that he provides and he guides even when he asks us to go through the fire or the rushing water. We look forward to our horizon and our territory to expand.

-God is good and it's a GOREGOUS day outside!

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