Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Honestly Sweet

Riley's Davis birthday cake from Saturday. He loves Madagascar (Breanne had figures that went on top) so we did zebra with leaves on the side.
Truffles of all kinds. I would love to be a chocolatier. I also love the movie Chocolate. (just a fun fact) I made dark chocolate with sprinkles, almonds, curry, chiles and swirled with white chocolate. I made white chocolate with almond, coconut, and swilred with peanut butter.
And this handsome happy guy is the sweetest thing! He is 11 months old today. He had a great first day back at MDO. If you walked in our house this afternoon you'd find this little guy:
-hiding any thing he can under the couch (it's a really cute game)
-playing the hiding part or hide n' seek (he loves it)
-eating four jars of baby food and a whole bowl of oatmeal. (he's making up for lost time.)
-doing demolition in every room I'll let him into.
- having a complete attitude change when he is naked. (I see this happening years to come)
-watching the Incredibles
-(pictured) chewing on the new books that are I found at target for a $1!

Life is sweet!

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Matt and Melissa said...

Hi Meg! Yes...I am a blog stalker...don't hold it against me! Just a note to say that I am so glad Jax is doing so well!!! He is soooooo stinkin' cute! And...that my dear friend Amanda WOULD NOT let me sample any of your DIVINE looking and smelling goodies! They looked fabulous and I secretly hope she had a bad turn out so I can try some tomorrow! HEE HEE! Great job! See you,
Melissa Brady