Monday, March 1, 2010

Good Report

Today was Jax's post-op checkup at children's. He had an appointment with audiology and with ENT. Both went great. I really can't talk about ACH enough. It is the best hospital I have ever been to and each time we go there I am always pleased, relaxed and encouraged. Audiology was something we hadn't done before but we will have to start doing more often to do therapy with Jax's hearing and speech. The doctor was really pleased with Jax's hearing test and said that he was "textbook" -meaning he responed to all the sounds and tones and pitches the right way. This is good to know!
As I mentioned in an earlier post, Jax's regular doctor is in Africa right now, so we got to see Dr. Munson (who also helped with his surgery). He was really pleased with Jax's palate. He said that it was healing beautifully. He told us that every kid is different and so the stitches that dissolve, dissolve at a different rate, so Jax still has some stitches that haven't dissolved yet. For this reason, Jax will still have to wear his "no-no's" at night but we are really happy that he can take them off during the day! WOOHOO!
This little boy is so happy! Can you imagine having to wear restraints on your arms? I don't care who you are, that is no fun. Even if they have pirates or kites on doesn't make them more fun!
They also released him to eat baby food again. So with full belly's and arms free to wiggle, Jax is getting back to his old self (only better! how amazing is that!?)

He's already got new sounds and words, which is a joy. Seriously. I don't know what "gee-ga" means but it makes me smile. It will be cool to watch him develope and figure out how to use this new palate.

Tomorrow, Jax is 11 months old! What a way to start his 11th month, huh? We are blessed, beyond what we deserve or imagine. We think we've got a super God and a super son, that rocks!

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