Saturday, January 2, 2010

Since Christmas

Well, it's 2010 and I'm already behind. Not really, just in blogging. We've been so busy and have been having so much fun that I haven't made the time to sit down and upload pictures or blog about what's been going on. I know that you've all been just biting your nails in anticipation...yea right. So I'll post a picture summation of all the fun!

The weekend before Chirstmas was Meredith Family Christmas (aka: Cheezapalooza) down in Hot Springs,which we were late for because the Futterers were on our doorstep. It was a Christmas Miracle! And the best surprise!  (I just had to mention it. There are no pictures sorry...) Fast Forward.

Our first Christmas morning was a delight. 
I know that this first image is a little out of focus but I had to put it up anyway because Jax's face is pure joy. We didn't go crazy this year (the grandparents did that for us!) but Jax's loved his new socks in his stockings.

He laughed about the socks and the stocking but then loved to help do demolition with Mom and Dad's gifts. We watched White Christmas while we opened presents (our favorite movie) and then headed up to my parents house for the rest of Christmas day.

Jax and Beckett had fun with all their fun new toys. And everyone had fun watching them open their presents and playing with them.
And Nanna and Pappy had fun with the boys at their house for their first Christmas.  We had wonderful food, watched movies, Jax climbed the stairs and I'm pretty sure there was a game of scrabble going on but I was asleep on the couch!

 And although I never posted it there was a whole ordeal that kept us from celebrating our anniversary on our anniversary...but that's parenthood. Sometimes you just have to cancel plans, make walgreens runs and end up going to bed early. But long story short, we finally got to go out to eat for our anniversary. We went to Mike's Place in Conway (Kyle says is quickly becoming one of his top 5) This was Jax's first time to stay overnight at Nanna's we documented. Plus, I realized that I have barely any pictures of me and Jax. We need more family pics. But I guess that happens when you're behind the camera :)

New Year's Eve we had an impromto party at our house with the Walkers, the Futterers, the Hills, and Mr. Scott Bailey. (Plus Carson and Jax alseep in the bedrooms!) We ate pizza and played games (while tried not to wake up the boys!) and finally tried to take a group picture as it became 2010. I can't post all of them because there are literally fifteen hilarious pictures of this fun bunch. It was a great way to ring in the New Year. 

New Years day we got to have brunch at the Bauman's with a house full of people (including this same bunch) and that night my sweet husband stayed home with Jax and let me go see Blind Side with the Futterers and the Walkers. (Kyle didn't want to see it anyway and all our sitters are out of town.) We've had so much fun spending time with Joe and Ams while they are in town. It was truly one of our favorite parts of the holidays. 

This picture is the one I'll leave you with. It's a funny tribute a funny little thing that Jax is doing these days. He'll raise his arms for no reason. And depending on which one it looks like we'll either say "Touchdown!" or "Praise the Lord!".

Jax is 9 months old today. He's so funny these days. He is a sweet little guy with so much personality. He's got new sounds (ga-ga and ca-ca, ones I didn't think he'd say till he had his palette repaired) and new teeth. He's got lots of fun new "stats" but maybe I'll post about him later.

We've got so much to be grateful for in 2009 and so much to look forward to in 2010! The Lord has always been good and will always be!

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Pipes Family said...

I recognize Jax's new gesture from your group picture! He was doing that at church Sunday! He is such a sweetie! He has the sweetest little smile and personality! I'm sure you've already figured this out, but I don't think it will be long before that boy is walking on his own . . he is just a doll!