Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Big brother's birthday

Let me just say, I love having a big brother.
 Nathan and I used to fight when we were kids and we have lots of funny stories about our fights. But now that we are adults we are really close. I discovered a few years ago that family makes the best friends and Mel and Nate are two of my very best friends.
It was Nathan's birthday this past weekend and so we all loaded up and went to Guy to have a little party at Nathan and Megan's house. We had a great time, there was much kid chaos and lots of great food. I am really thankful for my big brother and the role that he has played in my life. I am praising God for the amazing year that God gave him this past year and looking forward to all the years to come. Here's some highlight pictures from the party on Sunday:

My mom reading "yes,yes. no,no" to Jax.  

Jax looked handsome in his pearl snap that he got from Uncle Tuck and Aunt Megan for Christmas. When at Tuck's house, dress like Tuck. 

"That's such a good jacket Tuck, we can't even see you right now." 

Beckett was ready for his close up. 

Jax didn't really know what to think of tootsie roll, Megan's new puppy. He would want to pet her and he would let her lick his face but then he would start to cry. They had a love/hate relationship. But he loved to just watch her all night long. 

I made some cute cupcakes for the kids since the Palmers joined us as well! 

Nathan's birthday cake!

Megan and I improvised since I forgot the birthday candles for the cake. 
It was a classic moment. Happy Birthday Tuck!


Allie Reveley said...

no no, yes yes was one of caedmons favorties. i have the whole series of those books.

The Merediths said...

Did you make that wild and crazy cake? Because that looks amazing. Amazingly de-lish.