Thursday, January 21, 2010

Few of our Favorite Things

-New memories with one of my closest friends.
-Sweet pictures of them together.
-Jax shirtless and helping "pick out a movie" (aka: demolition of the dvds)
-Jax is so sweet at night before bedtime.
-Jax and Kyle reading books together as part of Jax's sleepy time routine. Jax's is super sweet and sleepy at bedtime and it is really really cute. He snuggles his dad and I love it.

Some of Jax's favorite things not pictured:
-lima beans. this boy loves lima beans. (loves really food more than purees lately)
-loves drinking from his cup that pours and is a champ at it. today he sat in his high chair and drank his cup all by himself. he's an amazing little flexible guy and we are so proud of him.
-he's loving books more these days. 
-his walker. getting really strudy.
-running errands with mom. loves to ride in the cart, what can I say, I don't hate how easy this guy is these days.
-loves jazz. pretty funny. it's the only thing we listen to in the car besides coldplay.
-he has these Nemo bowls that I put his lunch in, he's constantly wanting me to turn the bowl so he can see all the fish on the other sides of the bowls. it's real cute.

Some of Kyle's favorites things not pictured:
-that this is his last official semester in college. it is too early to start planning the party? make no mistake it will be epic! 
-running. still a fearless group leader for training group. free time is rare, most of his is spent training. Even goes headlamp running at night sometimes with Kent.
-loved hanging with Joe over the holiday.
-favorite shows this season: Chuck, The Fringe, Bones, Big Bang Theory.
-reading. got a kindle for christmas from his parents and as if he couldn't get enough books before, now he goes through them even faster.

Some of Meg's favorite things not pictured:
-God is blessing doing cakes and pictures from home. grateful for the opporunity.
-my sister is in BSF with me now. it's so fun that my brother, sister, aunt and mom are all doing this. studying John together is very cool.
-Jax has done amazing with all the transistions that needed to happen before surgery. I have a God given peace about his upcoming sugery (Feb. 9th)
-workout videos that are so old that one of the girls has umbros on! On days that I can't run I workout with videos in the living room. If Jax is awake, he giggles at me.
-learning to sew a little


the.feeblefutts said...

We loved every minute we got to spend with you guys. It was wonderful. Love you guys so much

The Merediths said...

Mmmmm hmmmmm, I feel a Meredith family sewing club forming in the future. Coffee, sewing, being crafty. Throw in some Megan made chocolate and we have a rocking good time.