Sunday, October 4, 2009

Six Months

Can It be? Surely not! Seriously?

Jax is six months old!

 We can hardly believe that it has been six months now. So much has happened and life is so busy now, I guess we shouldn't be surprised, still when we got to Friday of last week we were in awe of how time flies. Jax is now six months old. Here's what is new with him:

*He sits up all by himself
*He army crawls and probably within a week or two will be crawling, he get up on all fours and
 has made moves but can't quite coordinate the knees and the hands. He wants to be on the move so bad!
*He's getting so big that we went and bought him new clothes on friday because he's wearing 9 and 12 months clothes.
* We discovered that he LOVES to swing. We may have to buy one for the house.

* He loves pretty much every kind of food we try. I'm still having fun making it for him.
*He has been introduced to a sippy cup  ( he has to be off the bottle by 8months) but honestly loves his nanna's big red tumblers the best

I had fun plans for Jax on friday. But the mostly got spoiled because the night before my car got broken into, so I spent the next morning waiting on the sheriff to come and write a report. They stole my ipod and all its accesories and my orange camera. I'm still bummed about it. But all was not lost, we went shopping with my mom and then went to Pine Bluff to watch Nate ride in the ARA Stat Finals (which he won again)! Jax was in awe of all the fair lights. Kyle said he was enthralled with the hot dog stand. Don't worry, we didn't feed him fair food!
We are well into this semester and Kyle is enjoying his classes. He is really busy and we seem to just pass each other sometimes and hand off Jax, but we know that its just a season. I've started substitute teaching, and I really like it so far. I'm still working for the studio, and doing cakes on the side. I have some big events coming up and projects that I'm excited about. 
And for fun, Kyle and I went to Dave Matthews Band at Dickey Stevens Park last tuesday. It was amazing. I had some pictures, but they were on the camera that got stolen. Sad. But the concert was my first "actual" concert and it was great. It storybook weather and rockin music. Couldn't ask for more.


Grumps said...

Lulu and Grumps love the pictures, he's soooooo cute. xoxoxo

The Merediths said...

JAX IS 6 MONTHS OLD! SERIOUSLY??? We must see you guys more.