Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Spoons and things.

It's been a while and we do apologize. Life has been a little crazy this summer.
Two birthdays(with four parties), several triathalons, two visiting aunts and one visit to Children's, later and I finally have time to write about it. Not that it's all super newsworthy, but it's what's new with us. 
Our birthdays ( Kyle and me) are ten days apart and with family and scheduling it usually works out that for about two weeks we are having some sort of birthday festivity. And I'm not going to lie, we love it. Kyle and my brother Nathan planned me a surprise party this year and it was a blast. I love surprises and they pulled it off well. Then some of my girls took me out for sushi and a late movie ( sushi was amazing, the movie was not...that's the last time we ask the ticket girl for advice!) , then of course we had to have "family" birthday. Then it was Kyle's turn and he wanted to have some friends over, eat "Wonderboy" pizza and play "The Office: the game" (hilarious...that's what she said!) and then we had to have "family" birthday at La Huerta. 
After all that, it was well into the second week of August. How times flies! Good Times though!
My aunt Carol and my aunt Robin ( both my mom's fabulous sisters) came to visit this summer at different times. It was so fun to have them visit, they had not met both the boys. My Aunt Robin had come to visit the week that Jaxon was born but really didn't see us much. And neither Aunt had met Jax's awesome cousin Beckett.  The boys loved their great aunts!

Kyle is starting back to school tomorrow. It's crazy that it is that time again. But we are thankful that this is Kyle's last semester. ( can I hear an AMEN!). But now that is it back to business, he is thankful that he got so much play time this summer. He did three thriathalons this summer and had the best time. Just this past weekend, he did an Olympic distance tri at Lake Degray
He finished in under three hours which was his goal. Jax and I were so proud. We are both looking forward to doing some races this fall. 
And last but certainly not least, Jax is amazing! We went to Children's just for a clinical checkup last tuesday. He passed both his hearing screens ( sometimes kids with cleft can have some hearing loss) so we started off very pleased. They absolutely love him there and they are so impressed with how great he looks. He is in the 97% range for his height but only the 50% range for his weight. He's constantly growing taller and can't seem to get fat enough. But we hope to make a porker out of him yet, because he started eating food this week!
Children's gave us some suggestions for the best way to help him get used to food and how to make it easiest for him to get it down, and so when we got home we immediately tried cereal. He loved it!  He ate it like crazy! So, this week we tried sweet potatoes...again, a maniac for the stuff. Tomorrow, we're trying some peas...should be interesting. 
I think he love the spoon most of all. 

Seems like we have stuff every weekend and sometimes stuff every night. Between spoons and school, this semester should be one for the books! Life feels a little crazy right now but we love it!

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