Thursday, October 22, 2009

O the places you'll go!

  As of yesterday morning in a Nyquill haze I saw Jax pull up for the first time. We were sitting in his room and he just did it like he'd been planning it all night or something. Wanting to be excited for him but not really able to muster much, still feeling sick, I said, "Good job Jax" in a monotone voice.

I'm sad to say that was the first time Jax stood up on his own. But so proud to say that he does it every chance he gets now. Which is dangerous, really. Sometimes he does quite get it that he has to hang on or that he doesn't know how to "cruise" like he thinks he does. And so begin the bumps and bruises that come with boys being boys, I'm sure.

He also started crawling this morning. Crazy! We've been saying that he was on the verge for weeks now but this morning he put it all together and crawled towards the glass door, where he could see the rain pouring outside. It's so fun that he is doing new things, though I was not all together "baby proofed" yet. We're also fairly positive that there are more teeth about to come through ( all the joyous signs are there! ) I never knew teething was such an ordeal! 

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