Friday, October 30, 2009

End of October

After all the rain we've been having, on dreary days, it's wonderful to come home to golden delight in out front yard. Both of the trees in our front yard have turned a beautiful shade gold. 

Jax has a front tooth. He's vigirously biting everything! At lunch last sunday, he took a chunk out of the coaster at Ruby Tuesday. 
We thought it was so funny that we saved it. The tooth is visible and boy are we glad. Last week was terrible weeks. But Jax woke up Monday, feeling much better, and sure enough that tooth is almost all the way broken through. Several people have asked me about his gums and his teeth, and I certainly don't mind to explain, that we are not sure how all of his top teeth will come in. Yes, there is a chance that some of them can come in all different directions due to the separation and rounding of the gum on the cleft line. Children's said that there is also a chance that he may have too many or not enough teeth. So, we'll just have to wait and see. And deal with them one at a time as the come through.

I have trying to really save money on groceries lately, doing the coupon thing and buying diapers and formula at Walgreens where it is cheaper. Sometimes I even split my groceries up between Walmart and Kroger because Kroger has this amazing thing where you can upload coupons to your kroger card, then if you also have a coupon in your get both savings (plus the regular savings you get with just having a kroger card). It takes twice as long to get all the things I need, but it's worth it to save money. So here's something that happened this week that I found fun.
At kroger this week on the sale shelf I bought a package with two extra long loaves of sweet Italian bread for $1.25! I know that is good but it gets better. I like to plan out meals for the whole week, it helps me shop. But I didn't forsee happening on this sweet deal. I knew we were going to have spaghetti one night. And we quit buying poptarts a while ago for breakfast. So I made yummy sweet Italian Cinnamon/Splenda toast for breakfast one morning. Which only used one half of one of the loaves. And we had sauce leftover from spaghetti and so for lunch one day I made sweet Italian pizza. Which used the other half of that loaf. And I still have one whole loaf to make tuna melts for dinner one night. I know that's mostly useless information, but I just got really excited about the fact that I got to use that $1.25 for three different meals. 


The Merediths said...

Look at you!! You don't need any couponing help--you are a master in your couponing ways!! There is nothing that gets me more excited, either, than finding something very useful on the clearance aisle. We are officially getting old when Kroger clearance makes us giddy.

robin said...

i used to shop three different grocery stores to get the sale items from each...I think i used up my savings on gas. :) i too get excited about designing dinner around a great sale item! you go girl! and btw...the phillies are goin DOWN!