Saturday, October 31, 2009


Yesterday, even as I was updating the blog, I hear "Momomomoma" from the other side of the couch. The funny part about this is that Jax has been doing different versions of this since about four months. And the last time we went to the Doctor for his check-up, Dr. Dunham asked if he was babbling and saying anything I could understand. I said not really, that he kinda bumps his mouth together and manages a momoma type sound. He laughed and said, "You're not claiming that? I know a ton of people who would have claimed first word already." 
Well, I didn't because I knew he wasn't talking to me. It was just the only sound that he could make really well. So yesterday, Jax talked to me all day long. I still hestitated to blog about it.
But last night we went up to Nanna and Pappy's house so Jax and Beckett could meet their grear grandma Nancy and their great Uncle Doug, and at several points Jax would look at me or someone else and say, "momma" and both my mom and Melissa looked at me and said, "That counts!"
We didn't do anything for Halloween. If that makes me a bad mom, then so be it. We'll be fun and festive when he will remember. We spent most of the weekend with my mom's mom and brother. They had never met the boys and had so much fun with them. 

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robin said...

i'm so glad the babies had fun with doug and mom! i'm a little sad i couldn't be there too.