Sunday, July 19, 2009

Found my toes!

On a daily basis,
 I find my keys that I accidently put in the freezer, 
I somehow find the time to work out, 
I find a great bargain at Walmart,
 I find the remote under the couch cushion, 
I try to find my phone while its still ringing, 
I am still trying to find a killer dress for Nate's wedding, 
But none of this is nearly as fun as;
Jax's finding his toes.

Who knew toes were so entertaining? Who knew grabbing them for the first time could make a room full of adult melt? We are enjoying all the new fun stuff that Jax is doing. Sleeping through the night ( finally!), rolling over ( both ways), holding his bunny blanket and playing in his exersaucer ( Thanks Babbs!). And the toes...the toes are just sooo cute!

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